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Issues with receiving the same email message repeatedly

Sometimes you may find that you are caught in a cycle where you can receive the same email message over and over. You may also experience this if your email client will not finish downloading a specific email message. There are a few reasons why this can occur:

  • The email message is too big and your email client has a max size setting set in the options.
  • The email message is too big and your modem won't handle it (check our modem trade-in plan).
  • The email message is encrypted and your modem drivers are not properly installed causing your modem to see a "disconnect" sequence in the encrypted data. (reinstall your modem drivers or trying a new modem can resolve this).
  • You email folders have become corrupted. If you use Outlook Express, simply compact your email folders to resolve it. For other email clients, you will need to consult their documentation to resolve it.

As an alternative, you can simply delete the email message that is causing the issue. To do this simply login to our Webmail service and delete the message (generally it is a large message).

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