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Choosing The Right Plan

Which plan is the best plan for me?
Of course the regular plan will work just fine, but if you wish to avoid most or all interruptions during the heavy 8-11 PM time, we have found the following rule of thumb to be a good guide. Be sure you are on the right plan before the busy fall and winter seasons start. About 90%+ of our users choose the right plan for their needs, or avoid the heavy 8-11pm times, and are never interrupted. We also have lots of heavy 100-300 hour per month users using our regular plan but they tend to avoid the busy 8-11 time period or get interrupted.

Click here to view your current priority in the Status Window.

  • Regular - A plan for 0-50 hours per month (available from 1 city).
  • Professional+200 - A semi-dedicated plan above 200 hours per month for those that can't get DSL (plus national).
  • Dedicated service - Above 100 hours per month we recommend DSL service. Click here for the best DSL pricing available anywhere.
Click here to change your account plan or click here for general dialup pricing.
Click here to view your current priority and see which plan we recommend.

Old plans are also available by contacting us:
  • Standard+30 - A plan for 0-60 hours per month (available from 2 cities, i.e. summer and winter homes)
  • Premium+60 - A plan for more than 60 hours per month (includes traveling national access)

Doesn't Unlimited mean all the time, at any time, 24x7?
No, definitely not. That would be "Dedicated" Internet. Dedicated Internet can be extremely expensive, but we have dedicated plans available for about the same price other companies offer for Unlimited plans. Check out our semi-dedicate Professional+200 plan.

Unlimited Internet is an industry standard term and has a historical development as well as specific meaning throughout the Industry. The Industry standard term "Unlimited Internet" is understood by most users that have been around the Internet for a while, especially those who were around back when "Limited Internet" was the common product available. Unlimited Internet means there is not a charge, like $1/hr, if you exceed a specific number of hours. In all cases the availability of unlimited Internet is not guaranteed as it is a service shared by many users. Instead of using busy signals, like other service service providers, we have developed a priority system, which is much fairer, and offers greater availability and price performance for most users.

Unlimited, Limited, Subsidized and Dedicated Service - Standard terms and their meanings
Limited, Unlimited, Subsidized and Dedicated Internet service are standard, well known, terms in the Internet Service Industry and are commonly understood by most Internet consumers.

Dedicated Service is up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week, any time you want. The amount of data transfer may or may not be controlled depending on the plan. DSL is a typical dedicated service. USFamily.Net now offers Semi-Dedicated dialup for those that cannot get DSL for about the same price as DSL.

Unlimited Service is standard shared dialup Internet service. You may use as much as you like without extra fees. However availability depends on how the service is shared. All other internet services control availability at busy times with high prices or with busy signals, which often upsets a large number of their customers. USFamily.Net however, has developed the only patented priority system for sharing. This upsets only a very small percentage of our customers. These would be the heaviest users and who sometimes wish Unlimited (no extra charges) meant Dedicated (available 24 x 7). USFamily.Net has Dedicated DSL and semi-dedicated dialup plans available to fit even the heaviest users.

The USFamily.Net priority system is the big attraction to our service and what keeps such a high percentage of our customers happy. USFamily.Net is one of the only Internet members of the Better Business Bureau.

Limited Service is the same shared service with a fixed number of hours each month before extra fees begin. Typically this is $1 or $1.50 per hour after some number of hours. This often results in accidental bills exceeding $100 or $200 in a single month. USFamily.Net does not offer Limited service options.

Subsidized Service is the same shared service with part of the monthly fees paid by advertising and release of personal data. USFamily.Net does not offer Limited service options. Most or all other inexpensive services are either Subsidized or Limited.

Complaints about our service are very rare compared to other services, but they have occurred. They have always been by people who did not read any of our material, such as this info, or our acceptable use policy. Most people are not heavy Internet users and may never even be aware of the priority system, they just receive the benefits. Neither the Attorney Generals Office or the Better Business Bureau have ever suggested any changes to our information.

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