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E-mail > USFamily.Net Port 25 Blocking
Who will be affected?

For customers who exclusively use to send and receive mail, this will have no effect. Of course, customers who use Yahoo or Hotmail or other free webmail services will also be unaffected.

The class of customers who might be affected would be those who have an email address hosted by another service that they are accessing via an email client program. Hence, it is conceivable that some customers who may access their work email account or have some mailbox they have established elsewhere may be affected by this. Inbound mail would be unaffected, as port 25 only refers to sending email, so the "symptom" would be the sudden inability to send mail via this external mailbox.

Since "best practices" also imply that you should offer an alternative to port 25 for sending mail, most of those clients should be able to simply switch their outgoing port (per their email administrator) to resolve the problem.

If their hosting service does not offer an alternative port, the other option they would have would be to switch their outgoing email to route via using SMTP AUTH and an email address they add to their account just for that purpose. This FAQ explains how to do this in more detail.

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