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What is a Private Mailbox?

A Private Mailbox is an email address which ONLY accepts email from pre-selected addresses (a ‘whitelist’). All other email is rejected. This is appropriate for children or anyone else who wants the utmost privacy and screening of their email. A Private Mailbox will NOT accept email from any address you do not already know and explicitly add to your whitelist.

A Private Mailbox will NOT work for online shopping or if you use social networking sites because it is generally not possible to anticipate and whitelist the sender addresses used by those sites before the email is sent. Because of this, the Private Mailbox setting should ONLY be used if you plan on using the mailbox PURELY for exchanging personal emails with other individuals.

Because email is ONLY accepted from whitelisted addresses, there is no bulk mail in a Private Mailbox. All email which is NOT on the whitelist is immediately and automatically rejected, including bulk mail.

As an option to the Private Mailbox setting you may also select to automatically add email addresses to your acceptance list (whitelist) when you send a message to that address.

Private mailboxes add the extra peace of mind for a child's account that they will not receive email from unknown sources, including ‘spammers’. Once the Private Mailbox feature is turned on, ONLY those email addresses you explicitly add to the whitelist will come through to the mailbox.

To adjust Private Mailbox settings and other email settings, log into your email account using Webmail and click on the "Settings" button.

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