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New Sender Authentication

In order to ensure the E-mail messages our customers receive are actually from legitimate senders and not spam-bots, USFamily.Net has had to implement a completely new authentication mechanism. We have been sending E-mails back to new senders requesting that they authenticate their identity by clicking on a link, something that spammers have yet to figure out how to do.

As spammers have increased their exploitations of free services (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo to name a few), it has become harder to determine which E-mails are legitimate and which are not. They exploit these free services, and others, by registering hundreds of millions of E-mail accounts with those services. This is just another method to protect our clients from the onslaught of spam blanketing the Internet.

Our clients that choose to disable this feature may do so by logging into Webmail, clicking on Settings, and then clicking on the Mail Filtering Options link. Once there, unclick the Enforce New Sender Authentication checkbox. Please note: that disabling this feature may result in a marked increase in the amount of spam E-mail our clients receive.

Although, it is important to note that we do not always send such authentications, it is based upon a number of factors including the reputation of the originating service and whether, for example, you have recently sent any emails to that address.

If the sender ignores the notification email, the only way for the email to be delivered normally is for the customer find the email message in their Bulk folder in Webmail and click NotSpam.

ALL customers with spam complaints, please continue to forward the spam to or click ReportSpam in webmail.

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