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Setting Up a Dial-Up Connection in Mac OS 7.6.1/8/9

This document covers the steps to configure your computer to connect to USFamily.Net through your dialup modem. If you have Mac OS 7.6 or an earlier version, you will need to upgrade your OS to at least 7.6.1 .

First you must select the modem you wish to use on your computer:

  • Open the Apple menu
  • Click Controls Panel
  • Click Modem
  • Select the modem on your system that you wish to use (if you cannot select this then you must reinstall OT/PPP).

Next we must configure the modem to use the correct protocols and DNS servers.

  • Open the Apple menu
  • Click Controls Panel
  • Click TCP/IP
  • Set Using PPP Server
  • Enter the following DNS server addresses:

Now we must configure the dialer to use your USFamily.Net userid and password:

  • Open the Apple menu
  • Click Controls Panel
  • Click PPP (or Remote Access on newer systems)
  • Enter USFamily.Net userid (generaly it's something like usf-xxxx-xx).
  • Enter your USFamily.Net password for the dialer (this is not associated with your email password).
  • Set the Save Password button
  • Enter one of our access numbers.
  • Click Options

  • Select the Protocol tab.
  • Make sure Connect To A Command-line Host is not checked.
  • Click Ok
  • Test your connection by clicking Connect

You are finished configuring your Mac for a dialup connection to USFamily.Net. When you get online you will need to register your account at our website or your trial will end in a couple days.

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