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I've been allocated to the Managed User Pool - what can I do now?

If you have been allocated to the Managed User Pool, we have identified your usage as being higher than 99% of all other accounts. You should determine if the usage is typical for you, or if its caused by an anomaly. If you have other users in your house, we recommend that you discuss with them their usage to determine if that has caused you to be allocated to our Managed User Pool. Click here to view typical causes for allocation to the Managed user Pool.

We will remove you from the Managed User Pool as a courtesy one time. After that you will need to consider the following usage changes:

  • Schedule large data transfers to occur between 1am and 5am, as we do not total bandwidth usage during that time.
  • Resolve your streaming issues, and if significant movie/music downloading or streaming is normal activity for you, consider switching to our unmanaged network
  • Do nothing, and if your usage decreases your account will reset when your usage total falls below 99%
  • If this is typical usage for you, you may want to consider switching to our unmanaged network

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