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Our decision to discontinue our newsgroup server ( comes as other forms of news services and online communities have taken favor.

The traffic on our newsgroups is pretty minimal at this point. Since features such as chat rooms, and online blogs, Google Groups (Free News Server, Browser Based) have become so popular, the majority of our members are turning to these services

Usenet newsgroups were once a primary destination for Internet users to chat about interests and issues with people around the world. During the early days of the Internet before the Web took off, USFamily.Net and other ISPs viewed newsgroup access as a feature to appeal to new customers and retain existing ones.

With the Internet holding more information that is readily accessible, News Groups have been becoming more and more obsolete. News Services such as Google Groups (Free) are far superior to any conventional News Group Service usage. They also contain many years of history, which all are searchable using your Web Browser. The interface is different but the information is still there. To find out more about Google Groups please click here.

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