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Bulk Mail Folder Setup for Business Customers

Business domain customer's email are set to download all mail, including Bulk Mail. We will mark any message that appears to be SPAM as 'BULK'. This will allow your email program to automatically move that email to a separate folder on your PC. Downloading all email allows you to verify all emails in case you think one or more addresses are inadvertently marked as bulk sources.

If you are using Outlook Express, we have provided a program below that you can download to create the Bulk folder and automatically move the marked email into it. If you have not done so already, we recommend that you download that program and run it now.

Download Bulk Mail Folder Setup For Outlook Express

If you aren't using outlook express, please find manual instructions below:

Manual Setup Instructions for Bulk Mail Folder

Highlight "Local Folders" by clicking on it
Click right mouse button, then select "New Folder"
Enter "Bulk" as "Folder Name" and click "OK"

Click on:
Tools -> Message Rules -> Mail

If you already have rules set up, you will need to click:
(if no rules were set up, the New rule dialog is automatically launched)

Under "Select the Conditions for your rule", mark the checkbox:
"Where the Subject line contains specific words"

Under "Select the Actions for your rule", mark the checkbox:
"Move it to the specified folder"

Under "Rule Description (Click on an underlined value to edit it)"
Click on the link:
"contains specific words"
and click "Add", then click "OK"

Under "Rule Description (Click on an underlined value to edit it)"
Click on the link:
Highlight the newly created "Bulk" folder by clicking on it
(if necessary), then click "OK"

The Rule Description should now read:
Apply this rule after the message arrives
Where the Subject line contains 'BULK:'
Move it to the Bulk folder

Click "OK" twice to dismiss the "Message Rules" windows

In the event you find email in your Bulk mail folder that you believe should have been delivered to your normal inbox, you may unblock it at:

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