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Setting Up a Dial-up Connection in Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

If your Mac has a built-in dialup modem, or you have an external dialup modem, this guide will demonstrate how to use it to connect to the Internet. The external modem functions exactly like the internal modem, so there's no difference when setting either of them up.

To start, go to "System Preferences" via the Apple icon in the top left menu bar or via the Dock as shown below.

docksysprefs (41K)

You will be presented with the following options under System Preferences. Choose "Network" under the Internet & Network section to continue.

sysprefsnetwork (75K)

In the "Network" window, you will be directed to the highest priority connection which by default is "Built-in Ethernet". Click on the "External Modem" option (or "Internal Modem" as the case may be) in the menu on the left.

ethernetdisconnected (72K)

Once you have chosen whichever modem applies to your setup, you should be presented with the options below.
Enter your usf-XX-XXXX username and password as supplied to you. The dialup number can be found here.

sysprefsdialupsetup (74K)

Ensure the box marked "Show modem status in the menu bar" is ticked and click "Apply" to save the settings.
To start your dialup connection, you can either click "Connect" or click the phone icon up near the clock and choose the "Connect Internal/External Modem". You can use the same icon to disconnect.

dialupmenu (48K)

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