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Advanced Settings - Set Up Additional Views

If you are using multiple devices to check your email inbox, you can set up separate "views", so that each device can check and delete messages independently.

For example, if you check your messages primarily on your home pc through a permanent email client (i.e. outlook), but you want to also be able to check them on your smart phone while you are out and about, the multiple view setup for your mailbox is the way to go.

Follow the steps below for instructions on how to configure your email box and your email clients to work with multiple views:

1.) Set up an additional view on our servers
Log into Webmail and click on Settings. From there, click on "Additional Mailbox Views". In the dropdown box, select the number of mailbox views you would like to use and click update.

Below there you will see the settings for each mailbox view. This is where you will select how you want the mail handled in each view. You can select to have the messages automatically deleted after they are downloaded (recommended for portable devices like smart phones). You can also select how you want SPAM handled in each view (recommended to be left on by default).

2.) Configure your devices to work with your new views Once you've set up the additional view on our servers, using an additional mailbox view is as easy as modifying the password. Your new mailbox view will use your current email address password, followed by an underscore and the corresponding view number. For example, if your email address password is 'happyday', in your email client being configured to use additional view #1, your password would be 'happyday_1'.

For additional view #2, your password would be 'happyday_2'. And so on and so forth for any additional views. Each additional view is only meant to be used in one email client.

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