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Email Storage Limits

Below is an outline of our email storage limits.

  • We have no email size or volume limits.
  • Unread or undeleted email is purged after 28 days and is not retrievable after that.
  • Email quarantined as spam by USFamily.Net is purged after 7 days.
  • Mailboxes that have not been checked for 6 months and are not forwarding to another email address are disabled.
  • When you download email to your PC, it is deleted off our servers and is not retrievable.  There are options in your mail program to control this but mail on our servers will still be purged at 28 days.  These options may be useful in reading your email at multiple locations.

As a courtesy, we allow forwarding of your email box for up to 6 months if you ever leave our service (unlike any other services we are aware of).  To stop this forwarding just delete the email box using your old account info or send a request that it be deleted  Include the password or send the request from the forwarded address.

We also have have an email-only plan to retain your USFamily.Net mailbox. Click here for more details.

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