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Simultaneous Access

Can I use multiple computers on one account?
No two computers may never be connected to the same account at the same time. Doing so will result in an automated computer message telling you of the problem. No response is necessary. If the problem persists your account, eventually our system will automatically disable your account and you need to call support to have to resolve it.

Simultaneous access on the national network (cities we contract rather than own the lines) is more serious. The national network provider will permanently terminate your account without warning after a few simultaneous access events. If this happens a new registration fee and new account setup is required to reinstate a user. We have no control of their account termination action.

Simultaneous access by multiple computers cannot be "locked out" on our end. This is because there would be no way to catch simultaneous access and the level of network abuse would be huge (i.e. hundreds of kids using the same account for free). This abuse would drive up the cost for everyone.

The rules are slightly different for families and businesses related to multiple computers with serial (one at a time) access. Families under the same roof can have as many computers as they want and connect them one at a time (use just 1 phone line to be sure).

Businesses must have an account for every computer. Five people in an office use 5 times as much internet time and bandwidth as one person does.

If you network your computers together and just use one phone line you must buy the premium account or higher. If you network your computers together you must be sure the server disconnects the phone when not in use. This is difficult to do, but your responsibility! Dedicated access will be required if you need constant connection.

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