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Metro Provider DSL static IP switch

At approximately 9AM on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 we will begin transitioning Metro Provider DSL customers still connected to the Metro Provider DSL circuit to the new USFamily.Net DSL circuit. Customers with static IPs will need to reconfigure their modems with new static IPs provided via e-mail by USFamily.Net. The modem will also need to be reconfigured from PPPoA mode to RFC1483 bridging mode.

Why do I have to change my static IP?

Metro Provider has become part of USFamily.Net/Velocity Telephone. Because Metro Provider's old circuits are being terminated, we must move you to USFamily.Net circuits as quickly as possible to ensure continuity of service. Without changing your IP address, your DSL service would cease to function.

Can I keep my existing static IP?

Unfortunately not. Due to technical limitations and the short timeframe in which we must transition Metro Provider customers to the USFamily.Net DSL circuit, you will be unable to maintain your existing IPs.

Can I be moved to the new circuit on an earlier or later date?

Sorry, we must move all remaining customers at once. We are unable to accomodate requests to be moved at a specific time/day.

How long will my DSL be down?

We will begin switching customers at approximately 9AM. It takes a few minutes to switch each customer. After your DSL is switched to the USFamily.Net circuit, your service will be down until you reconfigure your DSL modem

How do I reconfigure my DSL modem for RFC1483 bridging with the new IP

  • Cisco 675/678: While these modems can be configured for RFC1483 bridging, they do not operate as a router in this mode. Your 675/678 will become a transparent bridge between your network and the DSL link. You must assign your static IP address to a device connected to the 675/678 such as a computer or separate router. Setup instructions can be found here.

  • Older Actiontec modems with Actiontec firmware: Setup instructions can be found here. At Step 6 choose Specify a Static IP Adddress, then click next. You will then need to enter the IP address, gateway address and subnet mask provided in your e-mail from USFamily.Net. After entering this information, click next. On the following screen, click DHCP Server on the left-hand menu. Click Next. On the following screen, set DNS to Static and enter the DNS servers provided in the e-mail from, then click Next. On the next screen click Save and Restart in the lower left-hand corner.

If your modem is not listed here, you will need to call in so we can walk you through reconfiguring your modem to the proper settings.

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