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USFamily.Net Traveling Dialup Options or Remote Access

Can I check my email from a library, work, or someone else's Internet connection?
Yes, just go to our website and click Webmail.

Webmail works from any browser and will show any new emails that have not been downloaded to your home PC which are sitting on our server. Webmail is also handy to delete any huge emails you don't want to download.

I need to travel to another city. How do I connect when I am away?
The standard method to connect to the Internet from another city is to use our toll free access number. You will be billed 12 cents a minute for the long distance time that you are connected. This is an inexpensive method to check your email, but very expensive to surf the Internet for an extended period of time. Please consider a Premium account if you travel frequently. If you use the toll free access number, you are notified of any charges at the end on each day via email and again at the end of the month when the total months long distance fees are added to your account. The long distance number is at Access Numbers.

We also have a 2 city plan available for users with locations in 2 cities, (i.e. summer and winter homes).
Our standard Plans are:

  • 1 City - $8.99/mo.
  • 2 City - $11.99/mo.
  • Traveling - $15.99/mo.
For more details go to National Plans

If you are a Premium/Professional customer ($15.99/mo) we have free local dialup numbers in most big cities plus you receive 30 minutes of toll-free access time for free each month. (You are still notified daily by email, but the 30 free toll-free minutes are deducted at the end of the month before any fees are posted to your account). Premium accounts have a 6 month contract term. (You may not upgrade for a single trip).

To connect in another city you must attach the realm name "" to your username. Your password will stay the same. Follow these steps to use our access numbers outside of Minnesota. Be careful! We are not responsible for any long distance fees you incur accidentally or for any for any other reason.

  1. Find the local access number at National Access Number Lookup. (you must be a premium user to lookup these numbers)
  2. Once you have selected the access number for your city, follow these instructions to change your access number.
  3. You will also need to change your username from usf-xxxx-xx to
    so that the realm is passed to through the local access number
  4. Test your connection by connecting to the Internet.
  5. Review the special rules for national dialup accounts at National Account Rules

BE CAREFUL, Watch what numbers are being dialed, as we are not responsible to any long distance fees you incur because you accidentally set your computer to dial a long distance number, even if you think we, for some reason, told you to do so. If you are unsure if a specific access number will be a long distance call for you, contact your local phone company.

DSL Users - Emergency Dialup and Traveling

DSL users have an option for a $2/mo. emergency dialup account. This also allows for use of our toll-free access number (for 12 cents a minute). Just email us at to request this account and we will return the username and password. To see our DSL pricing, click here.

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